“I just want to thank you and your staff for the attention given to mother yesterday upon her return to Resthaven. Quite a few of the members of your staff came to her room to welcome her back as well as tending to her needs upon her return for that I am very appreciative.

The sitter who stays with mother on Friday and Saturday from 5:00PM until about6:30PM reported to me that the CNA on March 6th and 7th was “awesome”. She did not know her name and therefore could not pass it on to me. Please check as to who the CNA was and pass on this comment.”


“I am so pleased with the care that mother received for the past 3 1/2 years that she lived in your care. She always told me that she was happy and how nice everyone was to her. I cannot thank you enough for making this part of mother’s life’s journey a happy and content one for her. To the aides who took care of her daily physical needs, the therapists who worked with her to strengthen her body, to Chris who fed mother in the dining room, to Tamira who made sure mother’s plan of care was always followed, to the nursing staff that were keenly aware of times when mother was in distress and worked to bring her comfort, to Colleen who was patient with me when I floundered to understand all of the business nuances and gently, with humor guided me through the mazes, to the administrators and owners who have continued to build and add amazing beauty to the facilities and have planned wonderful functions that have kept both residents and families engaged. Mother chose to stay in your care and she thrived with her limitations. Each of you has become part of our extended family and we have become richer. May God continue to bless you in your quest to provide the best life has to offer to your residents.”

Lucy and Ben C.

“We would like to thank each and every one of you that has worked with and cared for our father during the past 6 years. It meant so much to us when it got to the point that he couldn’t live at home anymore following his stroke. Thanks again for everything you did for us and for him.”

Dorothy, Emmett Jr., Russell G. and family

“The open house at Resthaven yesterday was simply amazing. All of your effort in planning the perfect party meant so much to the residents and families. We had a wonderful time just enjoying the great food, music and decorations! We greatly appreciate all that you do for our mother each and every day – you are such a blessing to many, many people. Thank you again for the very special day yesterday.”

Sarah K.

“Dear Mr. Pigott,

Please accept my thanks to you for the sod you placed in the rear of the building, it is going to be beautiful when it gets settled in and you are keeping it well hydrated which is very important as you are well aware.

Mr. Pigott, since you have become the premier owner you have improved the facilities here with great care and made it a five star Rest Home (one of the best in the state) when you do any project, you do it right, thank you again.

P.S. I see where you are improving the broken concrete in the entrance to the new planned addition which is going to be a good project.”


“I have been a resident of many nursing homes, hospitals and veterans homes. Due to those experiences, I feel that I am qualified to make an evaluation and would like to state that the care I received at RHLC has not been surpassed at any place I have lived. The administration and nursing staff at RHLC that I have had contact with are of excellent quality and offer encouragement to all the residents. I feel this statement is the least that I can do to show my appreciation to those who are dedicated to providing good services to their residents.

This statement is submitted with my sincere appreciation and I would recommend RHLC to anyone who is in need of skilled care or just to anyone who is no longer able to care for themselves.”

Jerry H.

“Dear Mr Pigott, please accept my sincere thanks for the changes you and Stephen have made since your purchase of the ‘RHLC.’ The food is better with a variety of different foods and beverages. The building is very clean, the laundry is good, and the help is outstanding. Ms. Wallace is doing a great job as activities director, always has a program planned or underway. The maintenance people are efficient and doing a good job also. Thank you again for all your help and the cost you have done.”


“My father has been a resident at RHLC for over 3 years. He fell at home and required physical therapy. After careful research and review of other facilities, we chose Resthaven Living Center. After his PT, my Dad decided to remain at RHLC. We have not been disappointed with his decision, care or treatment.

Under the new leadership of the Pigott family, the Resthaven today is totally different and improved from years past. The staff care for and make sure medical as well as social/companionship needs are met with genuine care and professionalism. The administration’s door is always open to meet your needs and concerns. If you have not visited RHLC recently, I suggest you do, you will be pleasantly surprised.”

Deborah M.

“Dear Mr. Pigott,
Please accept my deepest thanks again for another wonderful thing you have done for us residents of the wonderful RHLC. The crawfish boil and cajun band were loads of fun. I can say without any doubt you have been the best owner and leader here of all time and your staff is great all due to a very strong leader like you.

All the amenities you have provided here are outstanding, each visitor who have visited here says the facilities are wonderful and the people should all be aware of this great place for their loved ones.

The folks of this area are and should be grateful for your effort and leadership in this wonderful facilities,with all my heart,thank you a million times, I send my love to you and your family for all the great things here.”

Alva "Buggs" M.